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Clarendon Heights: Getting Whacked Once Again

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Was: $4.2M
Then: $3.995
Then: $3.695
Now: $3.595
You Save: $605K

Back on the MLS and now for about one-seventh less (or about the price of a Bernal Heights fixer) the 4-bedroom/three-and-a half bath Clarendon Heights house with the tree trunk in the foyer and the hot tub on the roof. Extensively covered here, with floor plans. Inexplicably, buyers are simply refusing to buy this place- is the Masters of the Universe look out of step with the times? Is it too swank to be family friendly? Needs to be airlifted to Los Angeles? Maybe the owners aren't quite ready to move on.
· 206 Palo Alto Avenue [Redfin]
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