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Huge Loss for Metropolitan Condo

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Was: $1,295,000
Then: $1,250,000
Now: $1,199,000
You Save: $96,000

Unit #2302 at the Metropolitan sold back in February of 2006 for $1,725,000. Shoot forward to July of this year and it was put on the market for $1,295,000, a $430,000 loss right off the bat. A month later it took a chop of $45,000. And today it took yet another chop of $51,000, bringing down the current asking price to $1,199,000. The current owners are looking at a pretty hefty loss of $526,000 if they finally get an offer on this 2-bed, 2-bath condo. Godspeed, #2302.
· 355 1st Street #2302 [Redfin]


335 1st Street, San Francisco, CA