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Bocce Ball (Hopefully) Coming to Justin Herman Plaza

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The Recreation and Parks Department is gearing up to potentially build and maintain the lawn lined by palm trees in the Music Concourse of Justin Herman Plaza so it's all fine and dandy for (hopefully) two new bocce ball courts. The Recreation and Park Department has been asked to build it, and the Laborers Local 261 Community & Training Foundation has agreed to gift the Parks and Rec Department will the labor and materials to realize the project, which will include two bocce courts totaling approximately 2,400 square feet. The gift of bocce is backed by Supe David Chiu, and the above rough aerial sketch is where its proposed location will be. On Thursday the Recreation and Park Commission will hopefully approve the staff recommendation; after that it's headed to the Board of Supervisors for approval. The big question, though, is who will manage the equipment. Staff has suggested that adjacent business owners safeguard the bocce balls and offer them free of charge to park visitors. Or perhaps hiring a pushcart food concessionaire on site to manage the equipment.
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