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Feelin' Blue in Noe Valley

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Was: $819,000
Now: $775,000
You Save: $44,000

This 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,140 square foot condo has been sitting on the market for 54 days (sadface). Originally listed for $819,000, it took a chop of $20,000 back in June, 14 days after it had been listed. Shoot forward to today, and it's chopped off an even bigger chunk of $24,000, bringing your total savings to $44,000.

The exterior is what you'd expect from a 1908 house on palm tree-lined Dolores Street. Very Victorian and painted to perfection. Once inside, the home has all the period details you get from a house of this nature. Hardwood flooring with mahogany inlay, hallway wainscoting, living room bay window, and of course parlor doors. The questionable positioning of the second bedroom is curious, as we wish the current owners would have knocked down some walls and created a more open floorplan that allowed a formal dining room. With that said, the home is still a charmer, and you also get what appears to be a rather large shared backyard. HOA dues are $200 a month.
· 1543 Dolores [Redfin]

1543 Dolores St, San Francisco, CA