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Inner Sunset: Pricechopping-in-Progress, Now Only 999K

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We're big fans of the Inner Sunset neighborhood around Irving and Ninth. It's child-friendly, Golden Gate Park-adjacent, retail-friendly, and there's a well-established Farmer's Market. And transit-friendly. So why hasn't this condo off Irving sold? It looks like it has all the required bells and whistles, including parking and an elevator (the neighborhood is not parking-friendly and carrying children up stairs is so 20th Century.) Looks swell, nice kitchen. The building even makes an attempt to be contextual. On the market about since November of 2009 and reduced last week to $999K after previous visits from The Pricechopper, from an original price tag of $1.225M.

Buy this for your kids so they can have memories of Strybing Arboretum and the Academy of Sciences and the nice peeps at the Arizmendi Co-op. It probably hasn't sold because its gender is a little tenuous. Is the "third bedroom" really masquerading as a media room (image 6) and there's no half-bath. OK, maybe it's still too expensive. Or you need to shed some kids.
· 1327 Seventh Avenue #7 [Redfin]
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1327 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122