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So Green: Berkeley Cottage with a Sod-Roofed Garage

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John Hudson Thomas is one of those magic names in Bay Area architecture, especially as a designer of houses. Sweet, romantic houses with lovely rooflines and angular bays. Rustic, beamed interiors and rough, cottage-y exteriors. This one, 1497 Le Roy Avenue in Berkeley just east of Euclid, was built in 1925. We're liking the asymmetrical and jumbled front under a roof that sweeps instead of just sloping. And the sod-roofed garage, which may need more than just mowing, rocks. We probably like the kitchen because no one's put in granite countertops. Four days on the market, asking $950K, and we would not be surprised if it's open on Sunday.
· 1497 Le Roy Avenue, Berkeley [Redfin]
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1497 Le Roy Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94708