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Portola: Fabulous, Maybe?

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We'll settle for weirdly fabulous. Maybe it's the photography, but this 3-bed/2.5-bath house in the Portola neighborhood is on the brink of hideous but loaded with possibilities. Like there's probably great floors under the carpet. At $759K it's zoned RH-2, and in a possible attempt to justify the high price:

possible conversion to 2 units! Features a giant garage for expansion or can be modified to hold up to 4 cars and more space to park one car on the backyard patio.
Which is what everyone does with their patio, right? We're also a little suspicious that a wide-angle lens has been deployed- there's no way that kitchen could be that big in real life. Open this Sunday from 2-4PM, so check out the room with wood paneling and the hoseable, quasi-industrial space underneath. We think someone may have been a housepainter. More the plus side- it's near the maritime meadows of McLaren Park and the recently renovated but under-used Coffman Pool.
· 595 Girard Avenue [Redfin]
· McLaren Park [Jennalex]

595 Girard Street, San Francisco, CA