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Extreme Faux Finishing in Bernal Heights

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This is on the tamer side of our "That's Rather Hideous" list, as about a dozen gallons of paint could fix most of the problems. But problems they are, folks. If we were playing nice, we'd say the dining room wall looks like an aerial shot of Death Valley. But we're not. Realistically it looks like one hell of a water stain. And we understand that red is the color of passion, but red walls in the bedroom paired with a red bedspread topped with a stark white ceiling? it's a little too Target (or murder scene?) for us. Then there's the issue of the writing on the wall? above the toilet. And it's not even centered! Sheesh. We also understand the appeal of a fleur-de-lis, but when it comes to decorating we think going to extreme (what is that? At least 4-feet in diameter?) is never a good idea. With all that said, this 2-bed, 1-bath, 1,064 square foot home in Bernal Heights does have some redeeming qualities. Like that kick-ass kids room that appears to have some type of pirate theme going on. It's also got a hot tub out back. Asking price? $769,000.
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67 Richland Ave, San Francisco, CA