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North Waterfronting: Hang High the Teflon

We're not wild about the neighborhood, but maybe it's getting better, at the bottom of Telegraph Hill, between Fisherman's Wharf (ugh) and the Embarcadero, and where most of the new buildings look like they belong in San Diego. As compensation, perhaps there are parrots, plus the spectacular gardens around nearby Levi Plaza, but this is as far from the waterfront as you can get in North Waterfront. The lack of hills might persuade us to get a bike. Yikes.

On the plus side, this is a better-than-decent condo, a two-bed/two-bath, in the Parc Telegraph at 220 Lombard Street for $870K with seriously high ceilings and two ample terraces on the setbacks. HOAs are $718.17 with the usual gym and deeded parking. We can hate the decor and finishes, the worst offences probably having been erased by stagers, but the untypical floor plan totally works. The owners made some changes, like making a longer hall to the master bedroom and giving the dining area more wall, and shoji between the kitchen and entry hall. Next door, unit 417 is available to add-on, with a plan that looks so dark and unappealing it's a pass. Unless you grow mushrooms. Back in 415, the kitchen looks a little tired, but that pot-rack/sky-hook/soffit thingy is brilliant.
· 220 Lombard Street, #415 [Redfin]

220 Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA