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The Presidio: A Creek Runs Through It

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The current state of Quartermaster's Reach. Doyle Drive in the background. [Photo credit: Matt Baume via Streetsblog SF]

Streetsblog's Matt Baume put up a fascinating post today about the possible restoration of Quartermaster's Reach as a benefit of the new Presidio Parkway, Caltrans' replacement for the elevated approach to the Golden Gate Bridge once known as Doyle Drive. We share his passion for reviving the Bay Area's creeks, and he writes about liberating a creek (that flows from El Polin Spring) from its culvert and restoring its path into the brackish wetlands once adjacent to the Bay (think more Crissy Field.) It's a project worth following. For more creek-geekery, we always turn to the Oakland Museum's magisterial collection of maps of the area's creeks and watersheds. What creek runs through your neighborhood?
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· Frank P. Doyle: Gone and Soon Forgotten [Curbed SF Archive]
· San Francisco Bay Area Creeks [Oakland Museum]

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