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Berkeley Hills: Critics Are Raving!

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Finally, a realtor's video made by actual filmmakers. Not delivering the usual squawking voice-over-stills-and-Vivaldi, or attempting to simultaneously videotape a house while describing it, the folks at Red Oak Realty have mounted a assault on the usual trash realtors call marketing. They've commissioned a brief, evocative and well-lit film about 726 Euclid Avenue in Berkeley a four bedroom/four bath 1931 Mediterranean in the hills. The camera lingers longingly over the restored kitchen sink and perfect bathrooms while strings (cello-ish) saw away evocatively, and rests just long enough in the wine cellar to let one know these owners shop at Kermit Lynch. Up-tempo to a finale of the rear facade. The listing says "new price" but currently asking$2.75M. Besides all this, it's a seriously nice house with panoramic views. And if you're planning ahead, it's open Sunday 2-4PM.
· Bay Home Studios [Bay Home Studios]
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726 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, CA