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Hacking Away in Ingleside Terrace

Was: $1,129,000
Then: $998,000
Then: $949,000
Now: $898,000
You Save: $231,000

We just feel terrible for 65 Borica, the 4-bed, 2-bath, 1,719 square foot home in Ingleside Terrace. It's been sitting pretty on the market for 133 days without a single offer. Imagine that, folks. This home owner is looking at a $231,000 chop. And they're doing everything they can. They had the gardens done. They had the house staged. A perfect example of our current buyers and sellers market. With that said, the last time this home was sold was way back in 1992 for the measly sum of $330,000. House features include a living room with vaulted ceiling and Mayan fireplace, kitchen with garden view and spacious rear decks.
· 65 Borica [Redfin]

65 Borica, San Francisco, CA