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The Sunset: You Want Vintage? We've Got Some

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Right off the bat, we'll judge this asking price high and outside at $775K. But hidden inside this 3-bedroom/2-bath sad story from 1954 is a lot of potential. Sad? It speaks of old age and carelessness with cigarette burns on the wood floors. A neglected back yard. A very tired looking kitchen. Aluminum siding on the front, asbestos shingles on the back. So while we know not what awaits under the aluminum, it's ready to be pulled off. The kitchen has that fantastic banquette in the corner- for which many small naughas gave their lives- and two completely original bathrooms in what look like great shape.

Bonus: it looks like there are no un-permitted renovations, like the dreaded illegal "in-law" that so many people count on to pay their mortgage, and which could now stop you from getting a mortgage at all. What's so utterly crappy about many of the "updated" house in this neighborhood is that they're just that- crappy updates. Here's a chance to recreate a stylish vintage house instead of those Home Depot Specials that infect the MLS. Three days on the market and open Sunday, 2-4PM.
· 2074 36th Ave [Redfin]

2074 36th Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94116