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Dolores Park hosted a protest last night. Uptown Almanac is reporting that, as usual, the SFPD was kicking everyone out at 10p.m., but then had to leave before everyone was gone because of gang violence nearby. Later that evening the cops came back and the remaining 300 (people?) protesters wouldn't leave the park and there was even a Rolling Stones sing-a-long. A neighbor to the park wrote in to say that "The police closed the park at 11:30 with multiple cop cars, sirens, megaphones, etc.  A cop-woman was shouting for 20 minutes straight in a plaintive tone.  About 300 people stayed to protest, and the cops just kept shining bright lights at them until they left... sad state of affairs. The Sept .1 community meeting should be a fucking hoot?" [Uptown Almanac]