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Still Only $500 to Stop The Neighbors Dead in Their Tracks

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Over at the San Francisco Planning Department, new fees are set to hit the fan on August 30th. For building permit fees, see above. Some of it's arcane, although we're sure every last one of these fees are critical to the survival of the world as we know it. Worksheets included to help calculate the fees and their surcharges, like $111.00 (sandwiches?) to the Board of Supervisors for Review Categorical Exemption Prepared by Another City Agency (1d) for which you're already paying $351.00 over what you've paid the "other" city agency. 2d, the Discretionary Review Request, the dreaded cudgel of Nimbys all over town, remains one of San Francisco's best bargains at $500.00. For rich people to lower their property taxes, it's 4d for $8973.00, the fee for the Mill Act Historical Properties Contract. Which is a total steal.
· San Francisco Planning Department Schedule of Application Fees [pdf. via SF Planning]