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Culture Wars: Haight-Ashbury or Haight-Ashtray?

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This just dropped into our inbox with a photo and a thud (edited for length):

"What is it with alcoholics and cigarettes? There are three meetings a week at All Souls Episcopal on Waller Street, and there's always a crowd puffing away before the meetings. They were moved away from the church and across the street. Now they've moved to the corner of Masonic and Waller- there's usually five or six of them at once, always throwing their butts in the street. Aren't cigarette butts incredibly harmful to the water system? And why does my neighborhood have to be their ashtray?" Well, Virginia, there's always 311. But you probably don't want to confront these alcoholics directly- they can prove testy! Especially since most of them think the 13th Step is Thou Shalt De-Populate the Oceans. Anyone else out there have a similar problem with rampant cigarette disposal in the vicinity of AA meetings? Let us know! More importantly let us know if there's actually a solution. [Curbed SF Inbox]