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Tenderloin to Become Home to Doggy Day Care Center

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Rumor has it that a long-shuttered bathhouse on one of the Tenderloin's most seedy blocks is about to become home to a doggy day care center. David Nale, proprietor, says the property at 130 Turk Street will provide space for up to 60 canines, and mostly cater to folks in the neighborhood who either live or work there. The building has been vacant since the 1980s, when the city cracked down on gay bathhouses. The ground floor has 16-foot heigh ceilings and is 128 feet deep. It will be divided into four dog playgrounds via chain link fence. The upper two stories could potentially be gutted and turned into living units. According to Nale, the new business will be called Bulldog Baths in honor of the abandoned bathhouse, which was renamed after opening in the 1930s as Club Turk Baths.
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