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Unnecessarily Large and Creepy House for Sale (Vineyard Included)

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Green Valley, a small town sandwiched between Napa and Fairfield (and about an hour north of San Francisco) is home to the Villa De Madre Estate, a gigantic house amidst a vineyard with a mind-numbing asking price of $22,000,000. No need to adjust your glasses, folks. That's really twenty two million clams. The house sits on an 80-acre lot, 70 of which are vineyards. The 22,882 square foot main house has 6 bedrooms, 8 full and 3 half baths, 6 fireplaces, a double winding staircase, a gourmet kitchen with 3 ovens and 4 dishwashers and a climate controlled wine cave. The guest quarters have their own private entrance, elevator, and indoor swimming pool. Then there's the very bizarre 24,000 square foot "auto barn" complete with antique gas station, fully equipped diner (Ed. note: wtf?), a "town street," and also a 4-bed, 2-bath, 1896 square foot caretaker's house. Arguably the creepiest house we've seen all month. Please, click the listing to get a flash slideshow of the horrors that are the interior decoration of the house (specifically the "Angel Bedroom").
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Villa De Madre Estate

4286 Suisun Valley Road, Green Valley, CA