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Change is Hard: Living on the Edge of the Grid

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Once Upon a Time, the worried would get a pick-up truck and move off into the woods, off the grid, with plenty of weapons and maybe a short-wave radio to wait out the coming apocalypse. These days, self-sufficiency is taking a different direction with the realization that properly developed, an urban setting can be more sustainable, and one component of this is the small house movement. Coming this Friday on PBS's Need To Know is a documentary about small house owners in the Pacific Northwest. They all have one thing in common- these tiny houses are on wheels. People build small houses for various reasons, but those reasons seem to mesh with a interest in independence, sustainability and survival off the grid. An urban setting allows for more opportunities to work, to eat locally and organically, and have access to medical care. Plus gradual liberation from the consumer economy. Which is why we'd totally go Airstream.
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