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Even More Mega Choppage for Mega House in Clarendon Heights

Was: $3,950,000
Then: $3,675,000
Now: $3,475,000
You Save: $475,000

Why, it was just (nearly) yesterday when we reported the mega chop of $275,000 off of the original asking price of $3,950,000 for 65 Mountain Spring, the big ol' house on a hill in Clarendon Heights. And now look. Just a mere two weeks later the current owner has taken another huge handful of buckaroos off of the asking price. The 4-bed, 4-bath home can now be yours for the chump change sum of $3,475,000. What's next, dear readers? Will this Spanish style home with stellar views and the Sutro Tower as its neighbor finally get an offer? Or do we think another gigantic chop will happen within a month?
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65 Mountain Spring Ave, San Francisco, CA