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Noe Valley: Second Time's a Charm, Cardio-Guaranteed

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1282 Church Street first appeared in these pages in in mid-2008. One of three TIC's in the building, it apparently went unsold (or maybe it went rented) at $1.365M and popped up on the market a few days ago for $1.195M, thus saving you $170K just by hanging back. Still good-looking but expensive for a third-floor walk-up, the three-bedroom/two bath-unit is the smallest in the building but has a huge deck with an outdoor shower for the exhibitionist crowd. Or after an especially messy barbecue. In addition to the three flights of stairs, the neighborhood's very walkable- the 24th Street corridor is a block away. Roll out of bed and onto the J-Church.
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1282 Church Street. San Francisco, CA