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Sad Face in Cow Hollow

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Was: $4,195,000
Now: $3,995,000
You Save: $200,000

This 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 3,892 square foot big ol' house sold back in 2008 for $3,995,000. Two years later and the current owner was looking to make some pocket change off of its resale. After sitting on the market for 71 days they finally gave it a healthy and huge chop of $200,000, bringing down the asking price to $3,995,000. This means the current owner isn't going to make a dime (or a penny!) off of its resale. The exterior of the home has been well maintained and not modernized (in a good way) since its erection in 1926. Once inside you'll notice that it's highly contemporary, especially the wenge wood and painted glass cabinets in the kitchen. It's also got a sauna, which has been a surprisingly popular feature around the listings lately.
· 2400 Green [Redfin]
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2400 Green Street, San Francisco, CA