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Two-Faced in Presidio Heights

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Clocking in at 2,520 square feet, this 4-bed, 4.5-bath home just hit the market with the mind-numbing asking price of $3,525,000. Sold in January of this year for $1,475,000, the current owner is looking to pocket $2,050,000 off of their "extensive renovation for sophisticated City living in the 21st Century." The exterior blends in well with the neighborhood by staying true to its 1908 roots. However, once inside you quickly realize it's been transformed into some contemporary hooplala. There is a staircase with glass panelling, people. Glass panelling. The property also has the most open floorplan we've seen in quite some time. In addition, the kitchen is tricked-out with the latest and greatest in contemporary kitchen trends, which translate to "this look will be dated within 5 years." For shame! We also find it questionable that this "extensive renovation" must have covered bathrooms, yet none are pictured with the listing. Just food for thought.
· 3953 Sacramento [Redfin]

3953 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA