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Oakland Hills: Mid-century Move-in Modernism

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The date in the listing says 1983, which would make this an impeccable disco-era mid-century throwback. But it's not. Property Shark tells us it was built in 1955, which makes a lot more sense visually. Plus we think the renovations are post-2000, which is the year the current owners bought it for $834K. We're hating the decor and there's white paint where there shouldn't be white paint, but someone did a good job with the basic bones of the art-friendly renovation. And whoever first designed this house knew what he or she was doing- it's almost good enough to be a Roger Lee. Four bedrooms, three and-a-half baths, almost-new kitchen, possibly without granite. The grounds? The realtor calls them them Zen but we'll just settle for well-chosen Asian-influenced landscaping with separate pools for koi and humans. Taken altogether, we'd say good stuff and ready to go. More pics at the agent's site . Open House Sunday August 22 from 2 to 4:30PM
· 13085 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland [Redfin]
· Roger Lee [Wikipedia]
· 13085 Skyline Drive [Grubb Company]

13085 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, CA, 94619