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What A Deal: Save $755K on Ex-Museum in Berkeley

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Berkeley's once-independent Magnes Museum, specializing in Jewish life and the Diaspora, especially in America, is moving in with UC Berkeley, and their original home in Elmwood is up for sale, either for conversion back to a private residence or to another institution. The property, optimistically listed at $2.75M in April and recently price-chopped to $1.995M, may well wind up even cheaper. Number of bedrooms and baths depend on how many you decide to put in. It's not especially appealing, a private house that's been unsympathetically renovated and constrained, with unkempt grounds and hazardous-looking paving. Seismic issues are probably weighing heavily- that and NIMBY neighbors would probably eliminate another institutional purchaser. Nice gate and clinker brick wall, but otherwise the place isn't exactly haimisch. On the bright side, it probably has a killer alarm system. Plus floor-plan porn: nifty (pdf) renovation recommendations by Trachtenberg Architects.
· Magnes Museum [Bay Area Home Girl]
· Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life [Magnes Museum/UC Berkeley]
· 2911 Russell Street, Berkeley [Redfin]
· Trachtenberg Architects [Trachtenberg Architects]

2911 Russell Street, Berkeley, CA