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Neighbors Go Batshit Crazy Over Proposed Windmill in Miraloma Park Neighborhood

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San Francisco! It's windy here. So why not harness that energy by installing a ridiculous (yet awesome) three-bladed turbine that would sit atop a 35-foot pole (basically a windmill) outside of your 29-foot-high home near Twin Peaks? It's called wind energy! And it's the future.

Or so thought Nathan Miller, a homeowner in the Miraloma Park neighborhood. His neighbors think differently. And they're rallying! They say the design is inappropriate and potentially dangerous (what if it falls over!). Miller had a meeting with his neighbors, but it ended up being a shitshow. "Everyone was very hostile and their minds were made up," Miller recalled. "I am pro wind and pro solar but I don't think this kind of thing belongs in a dense urban setting. I don't," said neighbor Lucile Taber. "If it were to fall it would fall directly to the home over there, another concern is the noise, there is flicker problems with it."

Actually, they said this:

“Whereas existing turbine windmills were not designed for residential City use, and exceed in height and width the appropriate scale for a San Francisco residential neighborhood and delivering only a fraction of the promised power because sufficient vertical and horizontal clearance is impossible in nearly all residential neighborhoods in San Francisco;”

The Miraloma Park Improvement Club filed appeal documents that seek to have the Teresita Boulevard windmill permit overturned or modified. Now it heads to a Planning Commission hearing. Godspeed, huge windmill!

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