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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Fix Their Bikes

Celebrating fifteen years of making messenger bags, San Francisco's Chrome Bag Store is throwing an anniversary party. "Making messenger bags" is a bit of an understatement, since they make "the" messenger bag, recognized and coveted all over the world. And recently, shoes. But that's not why we're here- Chrome's party is a benefit for the The Bike Kitchen, a non-profit volunteer organization that helps train people to be self-sufficient in caring for and repairing their bikes, aiming specifically at people who have been, for whatever reason, been excluded from the bike mainstream. Or any mainstream. For more about The Bike Kitchen, check out this 2009 post from Streetsblog.

For a city where it can take three years to build a house, San Francisco's proven remarkably resilient when it comes to ideas filtering upwards. Tomorrow, August 19, enjoy BBQ from noon to five and dollar beers from four to eight, plus a special edition bag gets raffled. And everything's on sale. At 580 4th Street.
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