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Golden Gate Park: Reaching for the Brass Ring since 1887

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Renovations at the plaza in front of the Carrousel in Golden Gate Park are believed to be on the brink of resuming. Money originally allotted was diverted to seismic stuff at the park's headquarters, and now it's back as part of the cash cow that is Prop 40. On the other hand who knew there was a carrousel or even a children's playground there? Hang on to your hats- dating back to 1887, it is apparently it's the first known playground in the United States. So yes, it needs some work. San Francisco never ceases to amaze. We knew about Golden Gate Park's bison herd but no carrousel. Below, links to everything you need to give your kids an appropriate 19th century experience with some spectacular and more recent play structures.
· Carrousel Improvements Set to Resume After Delay [SF Examiner]
· Historic Carrousel in Golden Gate Park [SF Recreation & Parks]
· Koret Children's Quarter [SF Recreation & Parks]
· Golden Gate Park Children's Playground AKA Koret Children's Quarter[Golden Gate Mother's Group]

Golden Gate Park

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