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Decorating Disaster on Nob Hill

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It's a shame that this prime piece of real estate tail is such a decorating disaster. Sure, it's for a certain set, but 95% of the population is not a member. The Cheetah print carpet in the masters against the striped wallpaper and lordamercy is it too early for a Hendrick's martini because that bedskirt is making my eyes bleed. There's also the issue of the window treatments in the large and formal living room. Forgive us for bringing the claws out, but whoever got paid to design those treatments should give their client a refund. Also, what's up with the jungle-themed library or sitting room? Green built-in cabinetry, floral green wallpaper, more Cheetah print carpet. This 2-bed, 2-bath, 2,027 square foot condo has an asking price of $2,250,000, which is paired with the $2,485 monthly HOA dues. Considering that the kitchen and bathrooms aren't completely awful, we estimate the cosmetic renovation at just under eight hundred million dollars.
· 1170 Sacramento St, Unit 11A [Redfin]

1170 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA