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Car Sharing: Make Your Mother Proud

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The word sharing can have some uncomfortable connotations. Flu bugs, bedbugs. Too much information. Shirts, sofas, and houses. But when it comes to cars, San Francisco's got it covered. We have a choice of ZipCar and City Car Share all over the Bay Area, and they're actively supported by the city and organizations like SPUR. The Chron article leaves out the part about both system's flexibility and levels of membership- ZipCar has a program where members can have specific sums paid from a credit card monthly, resulting in substantially discounted rates when they do use a car. At the end of the trip, payment is taken from the member's balance, unlike a commercial car rental which may tie up additional funds until you return. If you haven't noticed, many newer projects, like One Rincon Hill are providing space for car sharing, usually with two or three spaces. Still waiting, however, for electric car sharing. [Full disclosure: some of us are long-term members of City Car Share. They make it a huge pleasure to be carless. In real terms, it means that for about $24 we can see two or three open houses plus get groceries, on a Sunday afternoon in a Mini-Cooper. Your mileage may vary.]
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