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Sad Face in the Western Addition

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Was: $399,000
Then: $369,000
Now: $349,000
You Save: $50,000

This 1-bed, 1-bath, 705 square foot condo can't catch a break. It's been sitting on the market for 61 days without a single offer. The building is described as "a small community of 7 gorgeous Victorians that have been divided into 14 condominiums." It's tiny, yes. But c'mon, it's $349,000. There's your monthly HOA dues of $434.80, which cover things like the ground maintenance (which from google satellite seems aplenty), insurance and management. It sold for $335,000 back in 2003, so the owner really isn't trying to make a a fortune here. And hey, if you're a sports guy or girl, Kimbell Playground is half a block away, so you've got access to three baseball diamonds. Whatcha think, readers? Worth it? Or does it need yet another chop?
· 1939 O'Farrell [Redfin]

Endicott Court

1939 O'Farrell St San Francisco, CA