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Hacked to Pieces in Pacific Heights

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Was: $1,650,000
Then: $1,595,000
Now: $1,515,250
You Save: $134,750

This poor, sad condo in Pacific Heights. It's been sitting on the market for 74 days. No one's taken a bite, and it's been sent to the butcher's block twice. The stats: it's a 2-bed, 2-bath, 2,200 square foot condo. It's got "fab" views of the Golden Gate Bridge, a spacious kitchen which features a Viking stove and other shiny stainless steel appliances. You get a sauna. You also get HOA dues of $700, which we thought were reasonable until we noticed that this unit is one of three in the building. Tell us, dear readers, will this beige lady take another chop? Or has she already been hacked enough?
· 1944 Green Street [Redfin]

1944 Green Street, San Francisco, CA