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When a Vintage Movie Theatre Closes, A Puppy Dies

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It's sad but true, not even a screening of the Rocky Horror Show with a live pre-screen show makes up for the loss of a community movie theatre. No intel on who/what's taking over, but the Clay Theatre at Fillmore and Clay will go dark on August 28. It's in the kind of pashmina-and-plaid neighborhood where you would think couples would have a drink and some dinner and walk home. The programming's always been interesting. The theatre's a hundred years old- built in 1910 in the boom that built up San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake- but so small that one night's box office probably doesn't that day's expenses. If memory serves, union rules require them to have two projectionists on duty during a screening (we could be wrong). It's not like anyone's popping a Netflix DVD into a player. Local, organic, but not sustainable.
· RIP Clay Theatre [SF Citizen]

2261 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA