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The Mission: Room for Chickens on Fair Oaks

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Ouch! That blue! It may scare some people off, but we see it as an opportunity to pick new colors for this two-bedroom, one-and-one-half bath Victorian on lovely Fair Oaks Street, which always seems like somewhere else because there are so few curb cuts and garages. The garages are mostly behind the houses and accessed via alleys aka Quane and Ames streets, and this house reportedly has three garages. We could see taking one down and replacing it with tomatoes and chickens. Alleys are the secret in this a part of the Mission, which does not yet appear to have been annexed by Noe Valley. Looks like a year or so of permits and renovations. Circa 1873, with nice stained glass and an intact parlor ceiling highlighted with gold radiator paint, it has a Wild West feel that houses in San Francisco generally lack. Maybe the garage started life as a stable. In any case, realtors should be horse-whipped for putting up such bad pictures.
· 212 Fair Oaks Street [Redfin]

212 Fair Oaks Street, San Francisco, CA