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Fresno: The Next Palm Springs?

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We know nothing of Fresno, although we've heard good things about it with rumors of some very handsome mid-century houses. But realtor Eldon Daetweiler seems to have pulled them altogether on his home-grown site Fresno Modern. He's got a very sad and neglected looking Cliff May, but this listing is less depressing: a house designed in 1957 by architect Robert Stevens for himself and his family. Three bedrooms, three baths for $995K, looks well-renovated, albeit by someone who's been to Palm Springs. We like the mash-up of Miesian modern and the adobe-type brick, keeping it local and International Style at the same time. The leaves on the ground indicate it may have been on the market since last fall. There's also a generous gallery of mid-century houses in the Fresno area not for sale.
· 6464 N. Sequoia Avenue, Fresno [Fresno Modern]

6464 N. Sequoia Avenue, Fresno, CA