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The art of war

Property drama! Big sister site Curbed NY has just published an intriguing read about a broker who's taking on a blogger because he talked some smack about one of the broker's properties. And the blogger is fighting back! The property is a brick townhouse that's suppose to be all sorts of fancy smancy. The blogger, architect David Holowka, published some damaging photos of the townhouse along with his critique of the current renovations. The broker, Michael Bolla, got wind of the post and went bonkers. Going as far as taking the blogger to court, citing Holowka's false allegations had hurt his business. The company that hosts the site freaked out and pulled the site, but now it's back up and Holowka penned a nasty response to the situation (with more damaging photos!). We love the drama of it all! Readers, who do you side with? [Curbed NY]