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Train Playground Vs. Bocce Ball Courts

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In case you're new to the scene, let's speed you up to the drama involving the proposed bocce ball courts on the Embarcadero. The city originally wanted to build two bocce ball courts on the lawn in the Music Concourse of Justin Herman Plaza. The Parks and Rec department was gifted the cash to build it by Local 261 Community & Training Foundation. It seemed like everyone was for it, including Supervisor David Chiu, until word spread that the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association was like "wait, dudes, we have kids and stuff. How about you explore the idea of building a playground?" Supe Chiu still backs the bocce ball idea, but has temporarily put it on hold because he wants to hear what the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association has to say. And say they have! The proposed "Train Playground" is nothing short of adorable and environmentally responsible.

There are over 900 children that live and visit the Rincon Hill neighborhood every day. There isn't a single playground in the entire neighborhood (see photos), and the closest ones are all over a mile away (sucks when you have a toddler who is too heavy to carry). The proposed playground would include a play train, swings and slides, which would be made of recycled steel and plastic, and also PVC free. They're also proposing a 4' high fence, soft rubber flooring (made from recycled tires), and four recycled plastic benches. The playground would also be ADA compliant. They claim it can be designed and constructed for less than $150,000, and they have already secured donations from vendors, pro-bono design and construction management, and volunteered specialized labor force in excess of $150,000. The proposal also claims that the construction time could be as short as 3-4 weeks. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.
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