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222 Second Street Gets First Approval

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The Planning Commission was split, but decided to give the go-ahead for a 26-story office building at 222 Second Street at Howard Street. This is a huge upset for the families in the local residential luxury towers who fear that the building's 430,000 square footage is "too massive" and the traffic it would bring would "endanger their children." The $100,000,000 building is replacing a parking lot that's on a piece of land that's already earmarked for high-rise office construction and meets almost all of the city zoning requirements. The final vote was 4-3. NIMBYs get another opportunity to vent their frustrations about the project when it hits the desks of the Board of Supervisors for approval of the height and bulk exceptions (many exceptions were granted). If all goes as planned (which it won't), the project could be completed by 2013.
· Draft Environmental Impact Report PDF [SF Planning Commission]
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222 Second Street, San Francisco, CA