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BFFs seek handler

Uptown Almanac brings us word of what is definitely the worst Craigslist ad for a roommate that we've ever seen in SF. Let's let the talons out early and start off by stating the room that's up for grabs is in the Marina. That alone should paint you a picture of what you'd be getting into with the "petite brunettes with a whole lotta boob" who'd be your new roommates. They shower together. They like "shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots? and meat." You have to be over 6' tall but not the tallest of your friends. You also have to be capable of carrying both of them home at 2a.m. "think bis and tis like the Hulk" when they are too trashed to walk. You cannot have a job that does not fit into the hours of 9-5. And you have to enjoy buying them alcohol and getting them drunk. The price? $1100 and you get the master suite. Sounds like a steal to us! [Uptown Almanac]