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Fun facts that you already knew

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On The Block, the Chronicle's quirky site that covers real estate news in the Bay Area, has just released a list of seven "wild and crazy" facts about San Francisco real estate. The first fact is OMG did you know the Transamerica building is the tallest building in San Francisco?!? And that San Francisco's crookedest street is Lombard street? Oh, wait. No it's not, Chronicle. It's actually Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd Streets (pictured right). Number six on the list is a link to the city's least expensive home, a pre-foreclosed 2-bedroom condo for $100,000. If you click the link, though, you are taken to a page that says you do not have access to view the information and photos unless you sign in. Funtastic! And last but not least, coming in at number seven on the list of "Wild and crazy facts about SF real estate" is? actually a question. What is the most popular (and profitable) tourist attraction in San Francisco? This is the only fact we'd actually like to know, as all the others seem horribly obvious (fact no. 3: Holy amazing! Did you know San Francisco is only 46.7 square miles?!). [On The Block]