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Is Your Life Affordable? There's an App for That!

Go to Abogo and give it a spin

While some of us are interested in both local transportation costs and our impact on the the planet, the peeps at the Center for Neighborhood Technology are trying to provide a statistical grip on it. Called Abogo, a mash-up of abode and go and a great idea. Still in Beta but headed for a fail because ultimately, the parameters are questionable. You enter an address and Abogo returns with a monthly cost for transportation and CO2 impact, which is great fun, but it uses some hypothetical "average household." Broadly, it's interesting stuff to do at work instead of work, but most us can figure out that farther we live from work the higher our transit costs and carbon impact are. Also completely pointless unless your household is 2.6 persons with an average income of $51,680 and 1.3 persons working. So while that .3 of you is working part-time as a barista to cover the COBRA payments, just remember, someone got a grant for all this.
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