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Choppity Chop Chop on the Central Waterfront

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Then: $749,000
Now: $699,000
You Save: $50,000

Located on the Central Waterfront, this 2-bed, 2-bath, 1,542 square foot flat has been languishing on the market for 63 days. Today it took a healthy chop of $50,000, bringing down the asking price to $699,000. The pros: it's got a nice and open plan, private deck, shared fanciful backyard, two decorative fireplaces, laundry room, brand new and shiny kitchen appliances and very beautiful glossy black mouldings and wood work. The cons: Very intense glossy black mouldings and wood work (take a look at that dining room!), no actual laundry machines in laundry room, two fireplaces do not work, confused looking shower and an oddly placed refrigerator. Monthly HOA dues are $393.35. Tell us, dear readers, what do you think? Is it biting time? Or does this glossy lady need another chop?
· 1155 Tennessee [Redfin]

1155 Tennessee Street, San Francisco, CA