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Russian Hill: Walk to your Kayak

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Let's get the worst out of the way- 784 Bay Street is a fourth floor walk-up for over a million dollars. Actually, $1,039,555. Otherwise this Russian Hill condo penthouse built on top of a 1926 building by Charles Fantoni looks basic but swell enough, with two bedrooms, two baths, lots of deck and a ground-floor studio/office. As for the neighborhood, who knew that Russian Hill extended to Aquatic Park and into the Bay? What we think of as the North Waterfront (or worse, Fisherman's Wharf) stops dead a few yards to the west. But Gary Danko is just down the hill, as is the (private, c.1877) Dolphin Club or the (public) Streamline Moderne Aquatic Parkfor swimming and kayaking. Up in the penthouse, the views are iconic, looking over the traffic and the tourists, in one of those neighborhoods where you get a visual slice through San Francisco history. Take in Alcatraz and Coit Tower and those glassy 60's apartment towers that set off the self-appointed preservation movement here in the 1960's, along with Ghirardelli Square, the first adaptive re-use project in the U.S. Miraculously, HOA's are $201.00 a month.
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Aquatic Park

700-898 Beach Street, , CA 94109

784 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA