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The Mission: Bioswaling the Espaliers

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That dumpy parking lot at Folsom and 17th is still awaiting its transformation. Although everything's on schedule. Grant proposals are in the State's hands after the usual community input, and the proposed design (above) is a model of correctness. Not in a bad way- just that it's such a contrast to the usual grass-and-tree-plus tennis court solution of parks past. The shift is in the agriculture. We've got the weather to grow food year 'round, so why not? And so you don't have to look them big words up: a bioswale is a planted filter for water runoff from paved areas, sort of a ditch with a reason. Espalier, originally French and both a noun and a verb, is the technique of training a plant, most commonly a fruit tree, to grow on a grid or a fence. It's pretty, but just not for looks, providing better air circulation and exposure for the fruit and making it easier to harvest, all in a shallow space. And it appears poised to enter the Mission vocabulary, as in "Keep Off The Espalier"
· Proposed Park Site at 17th and Folsom [SF Planning]