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Pot Club a No-Go in North Beach

North Beach: home to many bars, night clubs, and this here blogger's favorite lady owned-and-operated strip club, cannot allow a proposed pot club directly across the street of Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Kearny Street. Bruce Rossignol had a vision of providing the neighborhood with a alcohol- and sex-free fun option (Ed note: wait, those exist?), but his pot club dreams were shot down by a zoning law he discovered that wouldn't allow him to set up shop within 1,000 feet of a school. The shuttered North Beach (porno) Theatre was the location Rossignol was planning on moving into, but it's 450 feet away from John Yehall Chin Elementary School at 350 Broadway Street.

A pot club is allowed to ask for zoning variance, considering the surrounding businesses advertising naked ladies and the like. And as logical as that sounds, it's never actually happened (no word on how many clubs have tried). "I've been a productive member of this neighborhood for years, and it needs a reminder of what it once was," he told SF Weekly. "I understand if people [disagree with medical marijuana], but I think there needs to be some sensibility here. It used to be a porno theater, for God's sake. If you're trying to do positive things for your community, you shouldn't run into this much red tape."
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