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The Sunset: Military Surplus Sells Just Under Asking

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That house with the dubious military history sold quickly with a small shave of $58K off the asking price of $1.78M. According to the listing, 1842 18th Avenue first belonged to Commodore Perry (at right), but when he turned out to be dead too early to have lived there, the listing was changed to Commodore Pershing, presumably referring to General Pershing, who's house burned down instead. Whomever's house it was, the house seems to have been moved from the Presidio, which is entirely plausible, and like PBS's History Detectives, we have a few leads on this but nothing yet bloggable. Much commentary ensued, including reminiscences from someone who lived in the house when it was surrounded by meadows instead of The Sunset.

Anyway, we expect someone will be very happy here, a five bedroom four-and-a-half bath house well-suited for an extended family for under $2M. More than one commenter seemed to think that our negative commentary helped sell the house. In that case, Mission Accomplished.
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