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In Mountain View: Former Dirigible Home at Risk

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[Top: Hangar One at Moffett Field with the airship Macon during WWII. Below, the interior of Hangar One more recently. Both Images via Telstar Logistics]

Who knew? The fight to save Hangar One is still on. Yes, it sounds like an off-brand of vodka, but it's not: it's the dirigible hangar at the somewhat mysterious Moffett Field, part of a network of dirigible defense installations built along the west coast during WWII. Meanwhile, the Navy's been planning to demolish for years, but apparently it's on the calendar to come down by next year. Seems that the frame is steel but the cladding contains PCPs that are leaching into the bay. and the idea is to reclad it in fabric and turn the result over to the Smithsonian as a west coast air and space museum. Everyone's probably looking to Google, which already uses part of Moffett for it's various nefarious uses, to come to the rescue.
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