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Los Banos: Eighty Acres and a Frank Lloyd Wright

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Los Banos is just on the other side of Danville, right? OK, it's not, but maybe you could commute to Mountain View or San Jose. Nonetheless, there's this wonderful 1961 Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian house in Los Banos that's been on the market a few years, and the reasons it hasn't sold are textbook. Most important is that it's in Los Banos, a town in the Central Valley that many people may be happy to call home, but probably not the people who'd otherwise fight over a house like this. Even Wright himself was skeptical about building a house in Los Banos but the client apparently guilted him into it. Although the furniture's almost all gone, the house looks to be in good shape inside and out, and for once, when a realtor calls something a work of art they've got something to back it up. Where are those billionaire organic farmers when we need them? This one comes with eighty acres of the most fertile farmland on the west coast. Five bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths and a pool, rumored to be available for $2.395M. Just no air conditioning. Or neighbors, for that matter. Check out the listing for pics, and don't miss the walk-in fireplace.
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