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Gas Free Friday: The Global Links

Shanghai bike traffic. Photo credit: fahrradsozialismus via My City

In honor of Gas Free Friday, we offer a few links to urban transport and cycling solutions from all over. My City, is a blog dedicated to sustainable urban transport from the folks at The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. Check out their online exhibition of visionary transit solutions around the world. Meanwhile, in London, the shocking concept of Dr. Bike, providing on-site bike maintenance as a company benefit for employees who bike to work. Think Blue Cross with wrenches. And from Transport of London, that very British mash-up of BART and MUNI, offers of incentives for businesses to encourage workers to commute by bike. For bike-sharing in Paris visit Velib (the site is in French with a downloadable pdf in Anglais) and finally, for hours of workplace-safe transport porn and video there's Streetsblog. Readers can recommend other transport sites (Germany, anyone?) in the Comments.

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