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Adorable Bernal Heights Victorian: $849,000

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Love at first sight - this adorable blue and white Victorian on a nice block in Bernal, steps away from the delights of Cortland Street. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, nicely updated throughout. We love those warm gold walls and the west-facing city view from the back looks fairly stunning.
On the negative side, the bedrooms seem a bit small and one of the bathrooms is pretty ordinary. According to Redfin, the last time this home sold was in 1999 for $93,000. Even allowing for the cost of extensive renovation, that's a tidy profit! We predict the sellers will miss those low, low property taxes.
The home is open this Saturday and Sunday, July 10 and 11, from 2-4 p.m.
· 236 Elsie St. [Redfin]